Quinta de Ventozelo

Quinta de Ventozelo was once farmed by Cistercian monks who inhabited the region in the Middle Age. The monks transformed local agriculture and began production of port wine. The first historical mention of Ventozelo dates from 1288, but around 1500, by assignment of the Cistercian Monastery of S. Pedro das Águias, the Estate came into the hands of the hidalgos of Casa do Poço from Lamego.
One of the largest and oldest of the Douro estates, it has passed through different hands down the centuries, each moulding and transforming it into what it is today.

Azul de Ventozelo White

Made from a blend of 3 traditional regional white grape varieties, this wine is another introduction to the pure vision of the terroir of this Estate and the style that defines Ventozelo’s range of wines.

Azul de Ventozelo Red

Made from a blend of the 3 noblest grape varieties of the region, the simplicity of this red introduces the personality and potential of Ventozelo’s wines.

Ventozelo Reserva

This Reserve sums it all up in a blend of grape varieties that combine the past, present and future of Ventozelo.

Touriga Nacional

Touriga Nacional, in this case, needs no introduction. Probably the best-known Portuguese grape variety, in Ventozelo it has found a place where it can express itself in full.

Touriga Franca

In the case of Touriga Franca, we are talking about a hidden talent, a generally undervalued grape variety that Ventozelo has placed centre stage.

Syrah Oak Matured

Syrah is all about surprise – revealing an unexpected personality for a variety that is not indigenous to the Douro region.