Quanta Terra

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In the late 1990’s Celso Pereira challenges his friend and fellow winemaker Jorge Alves to create a small boutique winery to better represent the wines from the “Tua” valley, one of the most important tributaries of the Douro valley river complex. Armed with a pocket full of dirt and extensive knowledge of the area, its climate, and its extensive patrimony of grapes, they put forwarded their first wine – Quanta Terra Grande Reserva in 2003, sourced from an old vineyard whose benefit used to belong to one of the main Port wine houses.  The project relies on ultimate quality and expression rather that quantity.

Today, Quanta Terra produces uniquely appreciated wines with the same mind-set that established this project more than 20 years ago.

In 2015 and after being challenged by their friends from the U.S.A., the first Pouca Terra red wine was released and today is vastly appreciated by many as one of the best values form the Douro.

Quanta Terra Gold

a white wine with a clear, crystalline straw yellow color. It presents intense aromas of orchard fruits and ripe citrus fruits, such as grapefruit and tangerine.

Quanta Terra Inteiro

Pa red wine laden with complex aromas of the Douro region and it presents extreme elegance on its structure. With marked aromas of macerated black fruits, it combines mineral notes with spices and balsamic nuances.

Quanta Terra Grande Reserva White

a white wine from the Douro region which presents great aromatic range and great complexity. From intense aromatic notes to white bark fruits.

Quanta Terra Grande Reserva Red

a powerful red wine and extremely concentrated in its ripe black fruit aromas. Of succulent and robust tannins, it presents notes of wild red berries, spices, vanilla and wood notes perfectly integrated into its acidity.

Quanta Terra Manifesto

a splendid and complex red wine from the Douro Region. With intense purple colour, it is elegant and robust on the palate.

Terra a Terra Reserva Red

an extremely elegant yet austere red wine as the great wines of the Douro region. From intense aromas to matured black fruits, subtly shows wonderful wood aromas, balsamic notes, basil, eucalyptus and a mineral body.

Pouca Terra Red

It reveals a lot of ripe black and red fruits in the nose. In the mouth it has a good structure, anchored in round tannins. A wine very well achieved, greedy and balanced.