Anselmo Mendes

Anselmo Mendes is recognised not only for the excellence of the wines he produces but also for the surprising and consistent way he innovates. Combining the use of age-old techniques, such as fermentation on skins, with bold winemaking methods such as the fermentation of Alvarinho in oak casks, he is established in Portugal and abroad with an original design and his own identity.

Anselmo Mendes wines are the result of a long, faithful connection to the land, an experimentalist and studious spirit and a philosophy of respect for the ecosystem that translates into methods of integrated production.

Currently, Anselmo Mendes market footprint includes more than thirty references. His wines have won awards and are respected nationally and internationally in 40 countries.

Pássaros Alvarinho e Loureiro

made from two of the best white varieties in the region: Alvarinho and Loureiro

Pássaros Loureiro

Pássaros Loureiro comes from Lima sub region, birth place of Loureiro grape variety.

3 Rios

White wine made from the selection of the three best white varieties in the region: Alvarinho, Loureiro and Avesso.


Obtained from the noble Alvarinho grape variety, grown exclusively in the sub-region of Monção and Melgaço.


Made from grapes of Alvarinho variety coming exclusively from Quinta da Torre in Monção.


Made “the old way” with fermentation on skins, with more color and moretannins.

Parcela Única

White wine made from grapes of Alvarinho variety coming from a single plot which produces a wine that reveals Alvarinho at its purest and most original state.


Pardusco was the name given to the light colored reds, with low alcohol, which travelled well and aged well.